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How do I order?

Simply follow the on-screen prompts and instructions. Your Basket will automatically be emailed to you once you Submit Order.

I would like my own design printed on the items I order, can I do this?

The designs are pre-approved and orders via this site are for those designs only. If you require a different design please contact Lloyd's Shop at

I am looking for a new product that is not shown in this collection, where do I get them from?

Please send any requirements for bespoke or new promotional items to

I have an event date that is closer than the delivery lead time stated, what can I do?

Contact Lloyd's Shop on 020 7327 6733 and they will confirm if it is possible.

I would like to know how my order is progressing, how do I find out?

Contact Lloyd's Shop on 020 7327 6733 and they will advise you.

How do I obtain log-in and password information?

Please click here to register.

Can Lloyd's Shop dispatch to multiple countries?

Yes! We can ship orders globally and can even ship part orders to multiple global destinations.